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Christian Wolff - Stones 1969

Pauline Oliveros - Rock Piece 1979

Cornelius Cardew & the Scratch Orchestra - The Great Learning 

Stephan Micus - The Music of Stones (Part 4) - 3 Resonating Stones

Stephen Shiell - Sonance - 01 Desert

Jez Riley French - dolomite iron ore (extract)

Akio Suzuki - Iwabue stone flute extract Mondorian #1 (with many thanks to Keiko Yoshida)

Extract from Classics of Mountains and Seas read by myself

Copper Sounds - new unreleased rock music extract


Pinuccio Sciola Prima fù il suono


Interview extract with Roger Caillois - La passion des Pierres

Ingrid Plum - Les roches pierres (score/instructions from myself)

Alexandra Nielsson - Les Pyrennées extract of new unreleased material 

Kelly Jayne Jones - Loss of inner serenity extract 

Walter Marchetti  - Per la sete dell'orecchio

Kelly Jayne Jones - excerpt Running to & fro from Clay tablets, hoarded creatures


Conny Prantera, The Seer reading an excerpt from Mount Analogue by René Daumal 

Harry Ovington - The eutrophication of Lake Windermere

Core of the Coalman - Troglodyte II appears on his self-published  Symmetrical Cavepeople record


Limpe FuchsMusiccia 

Maria Fusco - Master Rock

Kelly Jayne Jones - sounds recorded from the lithphone housed in John Ruskin Museum, Coniston

Reading from The Music of Living Landscapes by Wilson Harris

Michael Cutting - Seeking safe harbour

Katie Gatley - Last Day 

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