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kelly jayne jones

b.1980 London, UK

residing in Manchester, UK


          selected exhibitions and commissions

24.02.16 collaborative performance with part wild horses mane on both sides and Petrit Halilaj, Hangar Bicocca, Milan, invited by Pedro Rocha

09.2015 – 12.2015 6-channel sound installation as part of Haris Epaminonda exhibition XVI at Le Plateau FRAC de l'Ile de France Paris

19.06.15 sound installation multiplying reflections, surpassing 20 kHz invited by MUTO Collective and Fat Outs Burrow at Islington Mill, Salford

02.05.14 - 25.05.14 exhibition of sound installation at Rowing Projects, London with Haris Epaminonda as part wild horses mane on both sides. Performance Improvisation on dialogue; erosion 3 May

14.03.14 - 18.05.14 Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice sound piece commission and collaboration with Haris Epaminonda part 3 full length feature film South of Sun

06.03.14 - 05.05.15 exhibition The Temporary curated by Rachel Marsden with part wild horses mane on both sides

02.05.13 In the Mix commission invited by Naomi Kashiwagi,  Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

29.06.13 - 04.09.13 Modern Art Oxford sound piece collaboration with Haris Epaminonda part 2
14.02.13 - 05.05.13 May  Kunsthaus, Zurich sound piece collaboration with Haris Epaminonda part 1

26.04.13  at 18:30 artist talk and performance, Kunsthaus Zurich

26.10.13 TUSK Festival, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Commission to collaborate with Pelt, USA & Michael Morley NZ  on an improvisation for Balinese Gamelan piece
18.01.12 - 18.03.12 Anthropos, Cyprus Faces Through the Ages Cyprus Museum, Nicosia - Collaboration on AV  work with Haris Epaminonda

09.06.12 - 16.09.12 DOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany -   collaboration with Haris Epaminonda


          selected residencies

15.02.15 - 15.03.15 Kunsthall Bergen, Norway with pascal nichols

07.02.14 - 14.02.14 Arnolfini Bristol with pascal nichols 



          selected performances

20.12.2016 Performance of ‘archaic trip, sweltering and incandescent’ text, flute, feedback at Helicopter, Den Haag

16.12.2016 Performance of ‘archaic trip, sweltering and incandescent’ text, flute, feedback and actions with Insa Langhorst at Klangkeller, Berlin

26.11.16 performance of ‘Cooking up a stew from other’s oddments, 2 & 4’ [world première] at Hudderfield Contemporary Music Festival with part wild horses mane on both sides, Greta Buitkute & Kamran Ali,

24.09.16 ‘based upon attachment’ performance piece based upon attachment theory and intimacy with text, rocks, act of hugging and tin foil at Caustic Coastal  with performers Nicola Colclough, Kate Armitage and Minnie Mandala,

23.09.16 flute and vocal improvised performance at the Birley, Preston with Greta Buitkute for the exhibition ‘detailed tales of a champion rubbernecker’ by Fritz Welch

16.04.15 part wild horses mane on both sides performance, Tectonics Festival, Reykjavik


13.03.15 Performance with part wild horses mane on both sides and Sam Andreae Borealis Festival, Bergen

26.02.15 part wild horses mane on both sides perform at Staedlijk Museum Amsterdam, part of Geological Imagination Festival curated by Sonic Acts

15.02.15 Admit partiality, join me in feigning commissioned by CFCCA February 2015, collaboration with Chris Paul Daniels

12.01.15 Black Box performance of a visual score from Helga Fassonaki, Alexandra Park, Manchester. Part of the touring Khal exhibition,

16.10.14 Performance of Rotational Noise, desideratum commissioned by CFCCA, Manchester at John Rylands Library


08-2014-10.2014Touring installation-performance ‘bottomless submundane’ with part wild horses mane on both sides produced by QuJunktions & Sound and Music:

02.08.14 Manchester Federation House
06.08.14 Edinburgh Embassy Gallery
07.08.14 Glasgow CCA
08.08.14 Bradford Delius Arts & Cultural Centre
09.08.14 Oxfordshire SUPERNORMAL
30.08.14 Cambridge Wysing Arts Centre
14.09.14 Bexhill-On-Sea De La Warr Pavilion

02.10.14 London Tate Britain


27 - 30.06.14 Installation and performance of David Tudor’s Rainforest IV, Nottingham Trent University

29.07.14 solo performance with Daniel Higgs and Michael Zerang, Singing Knives and Tinnitus Jukebox, Sheffield

14.06.14 solo performance at Subrosa social centre with David Birchall, Otto Will & Obsidian Pond


tour with part wild horses mane on both sides, 2koikarp & Rosanne Robertson:

28.05.14  Les Instants Chavirés, Paris

29.05.14  Nest, Brussels

30.05.14 Roodkapje, Rotterdam 

31.05.14 Extrapool, Nijmegen solo performance & group collaboration for 8mm film

17.05.14 at Metanast, Manchester invited by Manoli Moriaty solo performance

04.05.14 at Sounds from the other city, Salford solo performance curated by Volkov Commanders

20.03.14 Dulcimer, Chorlton Manchester solo performance

08.02.14 Victoria Works, Sheffield solo performance

07.02.14 Milk room, Hotspur Press Manchester solo performance


part wild horses mane on both sides, Israel:

19.12.13 haifa- syrup club

20.12.13 jerusalem, uganda

21.12.13 tel aviv- levontin 7

20.11.13 Performance atNoise above Noise event at Penthouse, Northern Qtr, Manchester

07.09.13 Improvisation  with Hannah Marshall and Sam Andreae

31.08.13 Cafe Oto, London, kelly jayne jones and pascal nichols invite guests to perform

12.11.12  collaboration with Bridget Hayden as part of the Wire’s Querido John event in London curated by Electra Productions, Irene Revell



13.03.15 Kunsthall Bergen, workshop for families

18.10.14 Visiting artist at Heart of Glass workshop in St Helens covered market

22.12.13 tel aviv workshop and collaboration with Eran Sachs and Alex Drool

02.02.12 - 25.07.12 series of public improvisation workshops lead in collaboration with local improvisors, at Z Arts, Manchester

27.03.12 - 28.03.12 Gals with Guitars improvisation project aims to raise the profile of women in improvised music



PROJECTS 96, Museum of Modern Art, New York - Sound commission in collaboration with Haris Epaminonda
Out Fest, Lisbon, Portugal – Invited to perform at annual festival

‘Filme’ Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany - Sound commission in collaboration with Haris Epaminonda and  live music performance at exhibition opening

VOL. VI, Gallery 2, Tate Modern, London - Sound commission for Haris Epaminonda
CHRONICLES, Site Gallery, Sheffield -  Sound commission for Haris Epaminonda
CHEW THE FLOAT multimedia installation group show, Victoria Baths, Manchester
Singing Knives Festival, Cube Cinema, Bristol- performance at one-off festival curated by UK label Singing Knives

set up an Object group in Manchester that organised events and actions to challenge the sexual objectification of women in Manchester

Colour Out of Space Festival, Brighton UK, performance at annual festival of outsider and underground music and sound art



curation of Liberté, Egalité, Publicité, a group show in response to aggresive advertising campaigns in the city of Lyon

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